Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Year So Far: Fourth Grade

Fourth graders have been learning about abstraction. We looked at Several Circles by Vasily Kandinsky.

Several Circles

We learned that it is an abstract piece of work because it does not depict something we immediately recognize. Students were asked to create their own abstract composition using circles. First, they created a their composition by tracing a variety of circles. They were asked to think about placement (overlapping, touching, apart, inside) while creating their composition. Next, they added color using construction paper crayons. Some decided to used solid color while others included pattern. When we shared the work, we noticed that although we used the same shape and materials, each piece was unique.

Be sure to check out the display of this work in the lobby! This unit was inspired by one done at Briargrove Elemtary. Thanks for the inspiraton Mrs. Gonzalez!

Next, fourth grade artists created an abstract composition using pattern and line. To begin, students created their composition by tracing their hand twice. They used the same ideas for placement and composition (apart, touching, overlapping, inside) as in the circles project. Next, they made three lines crossing their hands. Once finished, they created a different pattern in each section of their composition. We discussed balance when creating a composition. Students thought about how the relationship between darker and lighter areas should be balanced and spread throughout their drawing.

Fourth graders will now be moving onto a unit exploring more representational work. Nice job!

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