Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Primary Colors

Kindergarten artists are learning about the primary colors. The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. In kindergarten, we learn that these colors are special because you cannot make them but you can use them to make many other colors. We began by looking at an artist who used the primary colors--Piet Mondrian. Students noticed that his work was mostly straight lines and rectangles of the primary colors, black and white. To help us remember the primary colors, students created a piece of art inspired by Mondrian.

Next, kindergarten artists experimented with color mixing. We read the book Mouse Paint and noticed how the primary colors can be mixed to make orange, green and purple. For our first exploration of color mixing, students painted circles and noticed what happens when wet paint mixes.

Students looked to Kandinsky for inspiration.

Here are some shots of kindergarten artists working. Check back on our Digication page (link on the right column) for finished pieces. They will be up in the next week!

In this unit, artists are learning about the painting routines and procedures. We are learning about the proper care of brushes and painting tools, carrying wet paintings and cleaning up our space when we are finished.

Parents please note -- We will be painting for the next few weeks. If your child has not brought in an art smock, please do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

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