Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Year So Far: Kindergarten

Kindergarten artists have been exploring collage. We learned about how artists create collages using paper and glue. To begin our exploration, we read Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh. We then explored how we can build a picture with shapes. We also experimented with tearing paper to create our own shapes.

The following class, we explored the collages of Eric Carle. We noticed how his illustrations are made with collage. Inspired by all of his insect collages, the artists each created their own. Check out the display near South Hall!

Kindergarten artists have been learning about the routines of the art studio. One thing we are working on is sharing our work and talking about the work of others. At the end of each class, students are given the opportunity to share what they have made and to comment on and ask questions about the work of their peers. This is a very important part of art class and something that we build upon in each grade.

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