Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Year So Far: Third Grade

Third grade artists have been working on a drawing project. We have been exploring castles. Students looked at a number of examples of castles and artistic representations of them. We have been focusing on how artists create texture with line and shape. We also discussed how castles were historically built for protection, so were made out of materials like brick and stone.

Third graders have been working on creating their own castle drawings. They began with drawing the basic shapes. They used pencil first and then outlined everything in Sharpie.

Next, we explored how you can create simulated texture using line and shape. Artists went back into their drawings to add texture and detail. Each artist is including at least three types of texture in their work.

These drawings are large (18x24) so we continue to work on them. Throughout this project, we have been discussing craftsmanship. Since it is easy to quickly rush through the texture stage of their work, students have been practicing working slowly and concentrating. The work is coming out beautifully and I will post pictures of the finished drawings as soon as they are done.

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