Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Year So Far: Second Grade

Second grade artists have been learning about foreground and background. We have also been brushing up on warm and cool colors. In our first project, students created collages of where they live. The first week, students only used cool colors (blues, purples and greens). We remembered to include the horizon line (where the ground meets the sky) and lots of details.

The following class, we discussed foreground and background. We noticed that things in the background are usually smaller and closer to the top of the paper. We also noticed that things in the foreground are bigger, lower to the bottom of the paper and often overlap objects in the background. Students then used only warm colors to create their foreground. This time, we made streets with a variety of modes of transportation. We also discovered that because of the warm and cool color contrast, the foreground stands out from the background.

These will soon be on display at South. Keep an eye out for this excellent work!

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