Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Grade

Second grade artists have been working on a variety of projects in the past few weeks. The first was creating "texture cities." We explored how the architecture of a city is different than that of a place like New Canaan. Students reflected on their neighborhood collages and thought about what would have been different if they were depicting a city. Next, we looked at examples of art and architecture from New York City. Students looked at how illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg depicts a city. We also looked at some examples of interesting architecture such as the Guggenheim Museum.

Students were then asked to create a drawing of an imaginary city. They needed to create all of the large elements by tracing basic shapes. They could then add free handed details. Students were reminded of how we can show background, middle ground and foreground by overlapping and varying size.

Next, artists added color to their work using crayon. Instead of simply coloring the shapes in, students explored how texture could add interest to their work. They used texture rubbing to fill their work with color.

Next, students began working on monster portraits. For the next two projects, we will be exploring watercolor resist. Here is a sneak peek, but I will post more about this project once all of the classes are finished.

Keep up the good work second graders!

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