Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mixing Secondary Colors

First grade artists have been learning about secondary colors. For this seasonally appropriate project, first graders made paintings of pumpkins. They used the primary colors to create secondary colors. They made orange pumpkins, a purple sky and green grass. We talked about how there are many different kinds of greens, purples and oranges depending on how much of each primary color you use.

The following class, we discussed outline and pattern. Students used black paint to outline their pumpkins and to go over the horizon line. We then learned that you can make patterns in art when lines and shapes are repeated. Students added interesting patterns to their grass and sky to complete their paintings.

This project was a good start to our painting unit because the students had a clear idea of what they were being asked to do and of the steps that they should follow to complete the project. Now that we are familiar with the painting routines and procedures, we will continue to create paintings and the artists will be asked to make more independent choices for their imagery. As always, check out more completed work on Digication.

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